Comments from candidates on a recent Level 3 Coach Learning Course:


I feel like I am always learning and when I get the chance to see you coach and work with you I learn the most.  You have always been a big influence on what I do and today was no different.  – Nick DeMarsh, Women’s Soccer Coach @Buffalo State and DOC of Kenmore Soccer Club

Liked interacting with the group and creating/sharing lesson planning on transition.  Loved the set plays portion as I have not seen this covered in any license or coaching certification course. – Mike Cahill, Cobras FC

Always great structure in your practices.  I have stolen all of your activities….twisted them, recycled them and built many practices from your programs. Thanks Glen. – Matt Kron, Coach, Greece Buccaneers

Ending with ethics was a good choice.  Welcome back to Western New York!  I agree with Glen 95% of the time and the other 5% I am probably wrong.  – John Rojek, Coach, Kenmore Soccer Club

Well balanced, excellent content.  I think it is set up to fill gaps in knowledge for coaches who don’t have the time to take D or C licenses, and a good way to continue education even if you do have a higher license. – Jim Borelli, VP, Cobras FC

Great Grade 3 coaching clinic. One day of power packed useful stuff.  – Dr. Norman O’Dell,  VP/Coach, Pittsford Hawks

Alot of information in a small amount of time.  I always come away learning something new from you and your courses.  Enjoyed the time spent on set pieces. – Peter Buisman, Coach, Doug Miller Soccer and Honeoye Falls Blaze Soccer Club

Very good, as always.  Glen’s knowledge and insights are excellent, and no matter how many training sessions and seminars you have attended, you always learn new things.  – Ken Voght,  Operations Manager, Kenmore Soccer Club

I really enjoyed your class and took away many new ideas as well.  Great to review things from years past we have gotten away from  – Glenn Dolata, Northtowns Soccer Club