Glen Buckley’s Player Development School

Player Development School

Introduction and Rationale

I have been asked on numerous occasions to offer sessions for the committed soccer player — the player that plays travel soccer as their primary sport, takes the time to practice individually away from their “team sessions”, and is looking for opportunities to further develop and realize their potential.  Some young players (U9 to U14) develop and mature more quickly than their peers. Their coordination and balance, two major physical components to the execution of technique in soccer, are advanced.  Consequently, these individuals need to be challenged with players that are similar in terms of their development.  Most club teams do not offer this training environment.

 The  clubs I work with have expressed concern that players with such potential often look outside of their club for additional training sessions and in many instances do not return. This program will afford a high quality training session to those individuals seeking an alternative place to advance their development and growth. Commitment and application – both on the part of the players and their parents – are paramount.  The self discipline to practice outside of the sessions, to enable progression within the sessions, will be a major component.

The Program begins in November each year and offers 10 week sessions of which players can buy all 10, or any 8 or 6 of the 10.

This program presents a unique opportunity for focused individuals that are seeking extra technical instruction. With over 35 years of soccer experience, across all ages, genders and levels, I have planned a learning environment that is age appropriate, challenging and unequalled.   These  sessions will be intense in nature, with physical repetition the primary focus along with fast paced, small sided games to challenge and measure the player’s technical development under pressure. Given the nature of these sessions, players should be committed to the sport of Soccer and be prepared to work intensely for one hour each week  If you have any questions please contact me at 585 831 7465 or by email at Places will be limited. Max session size 24 or less

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